lauren & ryan

aaaaaaaah.... back to my element. i've done a few family events and senior pictures lately. the big families and "big" kids were absolutely lovely, fun and beautiful. and of course compliant. and sat very still. and smiled right at the camera. and followed every direction. in a word, they were perfect. but.....where's the challenge in that? It's as easy as shootin' fish in a barrel. not that i've done that or anything. it's just an expression southerners used before the founding of peta. with those shoots, i didn't even break a sweat. i didn't have to lie on my back in the hot gravel for a good playground swing angle, or sprint to get the shot of the 18 month old before he fell of the rocking horse, or risk serious damage to my canon lens while trying to capture the rock-throwing episode. i didn't have the need to chase the graduates around and say, "i'm gonna tickle you!" or "where's your belly button?" although, i might have received some interesting reactions...and perhaps an arrest warrant...

i met little lauren and ryan on a gorgeous afternoon at the park. they are both so photogenic, making narrowing down the images very difficult. (look at lauren's features and expressions and try telling me she doesn't look like a 4 year old drew barrymore. go ahead. try.) and they were such fun. i love it when kids can just do their own thing, running about, not a care in the world, even while some strange lady is clicking away a few feet from them. these two played on the slide and in the tunnel, danced on the picnic table, tossed ball, played chase around a tree and rocked on the play horses together. the fact that mom mary is so easy going with them made the shoot go even more smoothly. she simply let them be...just my thing. we are planning a very special project coming up soon, and i can't wait to work with them again! thank you, mary, lauren and ryan! what a beautifully beautiful family!

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