[FAQ's for seniors]

 A typical senior session will last anywhere from about an hour and a half to three hours, depending on our location/s and wardrobe changes. Within three and a half weeks of your session (usually less), I will send you a link to a password-protected online gallery. If you need your image gallery sooner for graduation announcements, I can certainly make exceptions. I do not limit the number of images in your gallery.  
In your gallery, you can opt to view your images one-by-one, or in a full-screen slide show set to music.  You are welcome to share this link with family and friends. From your gallery you will be able to order prints and products directly from a professional lab at their base lab prices [their pricing is similar to local labs such as Walgreens or Walmart, but their products are professional-grade. there is no monetary gain for me if you order from your gallery - I simply want you to have the opportunity to order professional quality products at cost and at your convenience. For example, wallets are just .70 cents for a set of four, an 8*10 print is $2.09, an 11*14 portrait is $7.49, and a 16*20 is $16.99, and so on - and they are fantastic quality].  There is no time limit on your gallery, so there is no pressure to make decisions or order right away. You can also download images directly from your gallery for immediate use (for social media, graduation announcements, quick printing, etc.).   All of your gallery images will be artistically enhanced in color as well as black and white. You will also receive a high resolution c.d. with the edited images from your session, packaged with a written copyright release to use your images as you wish.  

Please note that I welcome family members to step in for some shots during our session, whether it's a parent or two, or the whole family! Graduation is a bittersweet milestone, and I see capturing this time for you and your family as quite an honor. This is, of course, up to YOU.
The short answer is that we can go anywhere you wish! 

Sometimes it works to begin in your home, then venture out from there. This works well if you want to include any pets, or if your parents and/or siblings would like to get a few shots around your family home before we head to our next location.

 There are so many fabulous spots for senior sessions around Hot Springs - the Grand Promenade downtown is one of my favorites. It works well for seniors, as there are so many spots within walking distance from the Visitor's Center parking lot. It has benches, brick walkways, steps, overlooks, and a great archway over a fountain. There are restrooms for wardrobe changes along the way. If you would like any on your high school campus, those are always fun and meaningful.   I also love Garvan Gardens - so many natural, gorgeous spots, a waterfall and gorgeous bridges, also with restrooms for changing along the way. My photographer's pass will admit 3 people in addition to me.  The Entergy Park trails and bridges are simply beautiful around sunset.   Hollywood & Whittington Parks, Bathhouse Row,  Gulpha Gorge, Lake Catherine hiking trails, and The Culinary District courtyard are all distinctly beautiful... the list goes on.  If you have access to any interesting locations (rural farm or lake properties, etc.) I'd be happy to check them out - I'm always up for anything new and different. 

 On the right side of my home page, there is a section titled "posts by category". The labels allow you to view session images by location or type of session.  
While overcast days can provide some great lighting, rainy days are definitely a deal breaker.  In case of rain, we will reschedule.  I would not want to compromise our session by forcing it inside somewhere.  I want us to enjoy a full session in our planned outdoor location/s. I have built-in rain dates on the calendar, and we'll find one that works for you.    

I welcome as many wardrobe choices as you would like to bring! It's great to have lots of choices, and I can can help you choose what looks best at which location.  Wardrobe, though, is completely up to you and how many times you would like to change during our session. You might want to group your outfits together on hangers, and make sure they are pressed and ready to go. If we are walking to different locations, such as on the Grand Promenade or at Garvan Gardens, we will carry the clothing along with us.  This is very easy if everything is organized and ready to go. It's great to have a mom, other family member or a friend helping us along.  

As for clothing choices, solid, darker colors always photograph well.   Layers also work well for girls and guys.  Avoid colors that are a close shade to your to your skin tone, as they tend to wash you out. Also, big, loud patterns tend to be distracting.

 Keep in mind that I will be shooting head shots as well as full body shots at different angles, so focus on your outfits from head to toe. Make sure your nails are well groomed, as they will show in many of your poses. 

Choose a variety of styles from casual to dressy, and bring at least one ensemble that is not too trendy.  A style that is popular today might scream 2016!!! in a few years, much like my magnitude of highlighted, hair-sprayed mall bangs and frosty eyeshadow scream 1989!!! in my senior pictures.  At least for a few shots, you may want to go with a classic solid top and some jeans...and perhaps bare feet if weather permits. 

If you want to get a few shots wearing your high school or future college logo, that would be great!    

Before our session, try on EVERYTHING you might wear for your photos, including shoes. Move around in your outfits.  Make sure everything fits properly.  Most likely, the clothing you have chosen is that in which you feel good and look good.  So pick what you like, and go from there!  Mainly, my goal is for you to be comfortable and happy during our shoot.

 Also, please don't be concerned about blemishes or breakouts, as I retouch those little imperfections during the editing process.

Fake props and backdrops have never been my thing.  When I was a senior, it was customary to be photographed in front of a big blue swirly screen,  leaning on a white ladder (what was that about?) or sitting beside a giant plastic "1989" statue. Yeah, it was pretty bad.   I promise I won't bring a "2016" statue to your session, but do feel free to bring anything that defines you today.  I've had seniors bring sports equipment, art work, musical instruments, letter jackets, cars, trucks, pets, and books. I've photographed them four-wheeling, fishing, wake-boarding, sipping from a favorite coffee cup, reading their Bible, and holding on to a photo of a loved one who has passed away. The bottom line is - feel free to bring anything you wish. But do NOT feel like you NEED to bring anything - I just want you to be aware of your options. 

With your wardrobe choices, focus on a variety, such as pants, shorts, jeans, skirts and dresses. There are some poses that are not possible in a dress or skirt, so it would be great if at least one outfit could include pants, jeans or shorts.  If you're unsure about an ensemble, always go with timeless as opposed to trendy. 

Also, keep the majority of your jewelry simple. Proper jewelry can really complement your outfit. Big, shiny jewelry can really be distracting, but if you have a statement piece that goes with one of your wardrobe choices, by all means, bring it!  It might help to store jewelry in plastic baggies and hang them on the hanger with the coordinating outfits. OH, and remove the pony tail holders from your wrists before we start shooting.  I can't tell you how many times I've been several shots in and hear, "Oh no! I forgot to take these off!"...

As for makeup, it should only be slightly heavier than normal. You might use a fresh tube of mascara so you don't have clumps, as your eyelashes will definitely show in those close-ups.

If you paint your nails, make sure they are neatly done before the day of your session.  Your fingernails and most likely your toenails will show in many poses, so you do not want chipped nail paint or distracting colors (green,blue, black, neon etc.) that might not work with all your wardrobe choices. Neutral, basic tones work very well.  

As you are trying on all of your selections prior to our session, make sure undergarment straps are not going to show or slip down as you shift around to different poses. Figure out a way to fix or pin those before the session.  

Lastly, Pinterest has some excellent ensemble examples and suggestions - look up WHAT TO WEAR FOR SENIOR PICTURES, or any variation of that and you'll find lots of fun ideas.  

 First of all, relax. I know this is not exactly something you are looking forward to. My goal is to make it as painless and stress-free as possible.  No awkward, girly poses, I promise.

  I will ask that you consider some wardrobe changes, though - at least some variety of dressy to casual. Shorts, jeans, khakis...can we talk you into a bow-tie or suit? Too much? Okay, well it's really up to you, but I'd love to have some choices to work with. Sometimes guys do NOT want to change, and I totally get that, but trust me - a nice variety of images will make the women in your life happy!  If you could refrain from wearing tennis shoes or grungy flip-flops, that would be great!  Also, your socks are going to show in some of the poses. Steer clear of bright white gym socks that my be distracting peeking out of your loafers. You might even want to let your mom, girlfriend, girl next door, or your fashion-savvy aunt help you put together good choices that make you look even cooler than you already are. 

Lastly, on the day of the shoot,  please be aware of bulky wallets or cell phones in pockets.  These are things you may NOT want represented in your images in years to come.

Here's a mix of senior session shots from a variety of Hot Springs locations - Garvan, Grand Promenade, senior's homes, Entergy Park, high school campuses, churches, and downtown Hot Springs.  Their ensembles range from casual to dressy; from trendy to traditional.  I like their accessories, solid colors and simple patterns.  I also added some shots in which we incorporated their "props". Wish I could post them all, but you get the idea.
 Click on the first image, and then keep clicking for easy viewing...



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