8*21*16 [burrow}


8*1*16 [fleischner]

7*26*16 [monte]

7*25*16 [dx outfitters]

6*17*16 [holt optical]

6*15*16 [richardson]

5*5*16 [ohman]


5*24*16 [prime-line inc.]

and now for something completely different --- I took a break from family sessions for a moment and shot the Prime-Line Inc. warehouse. it was a fun challenge finding the cool lines, angles, and light in this vast space. at the same time, I was terrified that I would back into a giant stack of product, creating a Lucy Ricardo-style scene! luckily I got out of there before causing any major damage. AND I got to keep my industrial safety goggles and earplugs! #partyfavors

5*21*16 [jackson]

5*22*16 [delee]