8*11*17 [martin]


7*16*17 [baldwin]

SO loved my time with this soon-to-be big brother in all his sweetness. that fleeting time between being an only and being a big is as exciting as it is bittersweet, and it was quite an honor to capture it for this darling, darling family...

we got permission to shoot a few in the top floor of a downtown bath house. little dude is sitting in front of some old bath house lockers - I was thrilled to find them in this beautiful window light! OH the history they must have witnessed - if only they could talk...

july in fort morgan [laduke]


7*5*17 [hurst]

toddler sessions are equal parts cardio workout and rodeo clown training, but they are SO much fun!! OH how I adore this irresistible little imp! (and his parents are pretty precious, too!)


6*21*17 [ivy]


6*14*17 [lucy]