3*30*17 [hill]

5*30*17 [webb]

I remember feeling quite honored when their mama first asked me to capture their sweet faces - way back in 2009. We've had some fab sessions ever since! Thank you, Michele, for trusting me with your babies - as always, it was quite an honor...


2017 spring softball [big & little vipers]

somewhere between snapping helmet straps, hunting lost gear, tying shoe laces, wiping a tear or two, and answering questions like, "are we winning yet?", I captured a slice of this magical season at the ballpark. I simpy adore these precious little players! "Who's gonna CALL IT UP?! GOOOOOOO VIPERS!"

 live-pitch...it's quite literally a WHOLE new ball game! these girls practiced hard and played harder and I, for one, couldn't be prouder! #GOVIPERS

4*23*17 [brown]

5*6*17 [tauth]

4*8*17 [edrington]