12*20*17 [alford]

I had to go way back for the shot on the left. BABIES! Always love my time with these two, and I can't believe we're planning little sister's upcoming SENIOR session. This blinking thing is for the birds...

12*8*2017 [london]

 when you're two, your primary task at a photo shoot is to make the photographer work for it! Before this shot,we weren't having much luck with still shots. 😂 I grabbed my phone pulled up a picture of my eleven year old Lucy on the way to Cotillion. In the shot she's staring directly into the camera. I said, "can you look into this circle just like Lucy did?". She said, "YES! WATCH ME!"... #nailedit #thischildisjustbeautiful

december 2017 [ram roundabout project]

For family sessions I often use burst mode, enabling me to capture several continuous shots. I also move around. A LOT. So... this project was quite the change of pace. The talented crew at B&F Engineering requested a long exposure shot of their Ram Roundabout project for the 2018 Engineering Excellence Award. On a cold December night, I set up a tri-pod, kept as still as humanly possible, and played with a 15 second exposure. It seemed like an eternity as several cars moved through the frame between the opening and closing clicks of the shutter. I love the way the light trails and starbursts turned out! Thanks for the opportunity, B&F - and good luck to you guys !

12*3*17 [decastro]

my first session with one of my fave fams was shot around their lovely home - seven short years ago. since then, the ladukes have celebrated countless milestones at the decastro address. brazilian feijoada, made-from-scratch bread, and the occasional caipirnha, with some spicy portuguese banter mixed in here and there. this last shoot was all kinds of bittersweet, as much of their home was already packed in anticipation of their impending move to georgia.
a.a. milne totally nailed it: "how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."...

11*12*17 [bell]

when we moved to hot springs, I'd been a high school teacher for over a decade. I changed things up with a stint in the four year old program at our church's preschool. it was ridiculously fun, and this guy was one of my FAVES. just hilarious, and he certainly kept us on our toes. each day my husband would ask for "drew bell stories", and there were plenty to tell. I'm sure he'll die a thousand deaths when I say he's still a charming little cutie-pie, but I'm saying it anyway! thanks, drew! you rocked it! 


11*12*17 [gooch]

This backdrop! I think it's quite fitting, as her dad was head of the Hot Springs Rotary 100 Year Project that made this dazzling mural happen. He brought the world-traveling street painter Pepe Gaka to town, who permanently brightened up Bathhouse Row. It's truly stunning. And with a little ray of sunshine smiling in front of it? Perfection... #thanksgooch#vibrantvibes

I remember thinking she was such a BIG kid when I took the shot on the left, and it feels like that was just a couple of days ago. Alas, she was the age my oldest daughter is now, and the time between pre-teen and senior is suddenly a blur...