[My Style]

                                                                            I'm not about creating the flawless, traditional family portrait, or asking you to sit still on the couch and smile politely at the camera. I don't use studio props or backdrops. My goal is to capture your authentic YOU-ness -  your family's emotions and connections. I want to tell a story. A story that reflects the true essence of your family. Your story. 
I adore lifestyle photography - documenting real-life moments and milestones - creating art out of real, every day life. You might even choose a day-to-day activity to focus on for part of our session.  Taking a hike at Lake Catherine state park, strolling through the Entergy Park trails, spending a morning or evening on Lake Hamilton, baking cookies in your kitchen, lounging (or pillow fighting) in Mom & Dad's bed, enjoying a picnic, flying a kite, a slip-n-slide session, a fishing excursion, a touch football game, or perhaps participating in some antics in the family business warehouse (example below) ...anything that reflects the true spirit of your family. 
As I photograph your kiddos,  feel free to step back as I pull the them aside to talk to them and laugh with them.  I'm trying to elicit those genuine, unique expressions that create priceless images that you'll enjoy for years to come. I want to capture their movement, their natural smiles, their giggles, their smirks...even their precious little pouty faces. 
As you may have noticed while taking your own photos, the shot you want doesn't usually happen in the first few seconds.  No worries.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the shot we're going for. It's okay - I'm not watching the clock. There's a reason I don't do "mini sessions" - I can't imagine having another family (or two) waiting in the wings for my next appointment. I'm just not wired that way.  When you invest in a session with me, you deserve my full focus and attention. I like to let everyone slow down and breathe a little, and take the time to let the session flow naturally.  This is where my education background comes in handy - I have over a decade of practicing patience under my belt.  So, no "hurry up - say cheese" or "sit up straight" or bribery necessary.  I truly cherish those candid, impromptu moments- when kids are being kids. So... relax. Have fun. And most importantly, be YOU.