i've been in marta locklear's photography
workshop for the past week & a half, and so far
i've had a great time learning, creating & networking.
we've had some challenging assignments, and the
last one was really tough with 4 year old for a model.
we had to keep our subject in one pose, and take ten
different shots from different perspectives. i should
NOT have put her on a swing, because she had to sit
still in the same position, and every time she jiggled,
the swing would move, and we'd have to wait for it to
stop! i do like the way they turned out, however, as
it's SUCH a day in the life of lucy!

the greenwoods

this christmas card shoot was fast & furious (and freezing!).
aren't the greenwoods a beautiful family? we are so blessed
to call them our friends AND neighbors. my girls have spent
many happy hours in their home. thanks, you guys!
i truly don't know how we'd do this parenting thing without you!

white winter wonderland

on our annual holiday trip home this year,
we were lucky enough to enjoy a white christmas.
oh, how i miss the snowy oklahoma winters of my
youth! the giant snowflakes were just breathtaking
as the landscape transformed before our eyes.
the most wonderful part, however, was
experiencing it all through the wondering eyes of my
four year old. simply ... magical.

the patricks

we picked the absolute coldest day in december for the
patricks' 2009 christmas card shoot. we shot down by
lake on the entergy park trails & bridges. it's one of my
new favorite spots for outdoor shoots - in spite of the
bone-chilling temps. i met the patricks when noah was a
little pea-in-the pod - probably the last time his mommy
got to sit still. this little guy hit the ground running, and hasn't
stopped since! he is hilarious! big sister madison just
watches, laughs and smilesthat beautiful smile. i hope
my oldest daughter is this sweet and kind to her little
sister in years to come. such a gorgeous family inside and out!

baby addison

if you have yet to be vaccinated for baby fever, please skip
this post. isn't she yummy? understandably,
baby addison's family is head-over-heels in love with
girl number three! addison's mommy & i had the quiet
morning to ourselves. addison took turns snoozing, then
smiling, then snoozing again. the mood in the house changed
when the garage door opened and addison's big sisters came
running in! they couldn't wait to get inside and play with
their little sister - their adoration for her is just heart warming.
it was such a pleasure to be a part of the blount world for a
morning. thank you guys!

precious indi

this is three-year-old indi. yes, she's as precious as
she looks! i love this kind of shoot. i got to follow indi around &
snap photos while she played in her room, jumped on beds,
played piano (she really can play!) blew bubbles on the back
deck & played with her puppy. as a dog person
(and coincidentally a kid person :)) i absolutely adore these first two
shots. there is such a magical bond between kiddos and their
pets. thanks to indi's mom, kelli, for allowing me to spend some
time in such a fun and loving home!