1*26*17 [reagan]

we planned our session for the afternoon, during his post-nap time happy hour. I purposely arrived in time to capture a few sweet wake up moments. these brief moments between wake up and back to daily routine are oh-so-precious, but OH-so-fleeting! sleepy eye rubs, a tiny chubby hand reaching for yours, a bit of peek-a-boo through the crib rails, and a smile reserved JUST for YOU...#thelittlethingsreallyarethebiggestthings


1*23*17 [paul]

sometimes I set up a shot and just kind of -- step back. sometimes magical little moments happen in the meantime. sometimes I am lucky enough to capture them... #morethanathousandwords #everyonehasastory

1*15*17 [matthews]

12*21*16 [goff]

12*15*16 [browning]

12*13*16 [disney]

so, after several failed attempts to capture a shot of my littlest neighbors, we finally had a night where everyone was home at the same time, nobody was sick, and it wasn't raining. but...it was 4:52 and the sunset was at 5:01. we RAN down the street, kids and camera in tow, chasing a quickly fading beam of light in an empty lot. we shot several frames until it was simply too dark, and it was already too late when we noticed Miller had snuck a giant wad of gum into his mouth. but I can hear their infectious giggles when I look through these frames, and they're some of my favorites of the season...

12*3*17 [decastro]

happy thanksgiving! [alternate title: sometimes i even take pictures of my own fam!]

backyard football & baggo, a brand-new cousin, a thankful tree & four little tee-pees, some sooners, a cowboy & a hawg, hugs upon arrival & departure, a little reminiscing & a lot of new memories made. thankfulness overload...

11*21*16 [hurst]