the cowboys

i've always had a thing for cowboys (my brother nicknamed me "tex" years ago ), and i think i've passed it on to my daughter. her friend matthew celebrated his fourth birthday at lakeside equestrian center, and she was simply giddy surrounded by her cowboy buds. matthew is such
crack-up! i don't think i've ever seen him without his beloved cowboy boots, a button down & faded wranglers - love it! such a BOY. he had a blast riding & feeding horses, running through the spacious barn, climbing fences, petting goats, chasing bubbles and all kinds of cowboy fun!thanks for including us, matthew!

The mischief in his eyes and the dirt on his jeans makes me think of Aidan Miller's definition from his Not Your Average Dictionary-
"Boy, n: A noise with dirt on it".
matthew's baby cousin whit THAT'S a great cowboy name! check out his bull ridin' expression.

baby meredith

"Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possiblity."
- Kate Douglas Wiggin

another beautiful baby - another fabulously classic name. i first met meredith's mom, misty, when we volunteered together for the special needs kids at spring street school. i was so excited when i found out she was going to be a mom. she just has such a happy, go-with-the-flow attitude - she'll be such a fun mommy! meredith is so tiny and delicate -she makes my 8 month old seem like a kindergartner. precious!! she slept soundly through much of our shoot - i think she is going to be laid back just like mom. isn't she the sweetest little angel?

little miss clara ellen

this little sweetheart joined her family shortly after valentine's day. what a perfect, happy baby girl she is. newborns world wide would be envious of this dark, wavy mane....check it out! i'm absolutely crazy about her sweet, old fashioned name, clara ellen. (she'll fit right in with her playmate, my little ruth helen). clara was blessed with her parents' super cool, distinctive eyes. i could prove it, but her mom would not allow me to point the camera in her direction. next time, time. thank you for letting me spend the morning in your lovely, loving home. lucky little clara - surrounded by such affection & adoration.

my family

i've noticed that the more i take pictures for other people, the less i take of my own family. so....when i went home for the holidays, i was determined to capture some sweet moments of my lucy and ruthie with their precious, doting cousins, meg & addie. i was thrilled for the opportunity to snap away as the four girls laughed & played in my parents' front lawn on a gorgeous oklahoma day. i even talked my parents into joining in for a shot or two with their granddaughters. my dad was easy, but my mom took some convincing! :) i love these photos....happy reminders of the joy of family. my family.
two ruthies...

rhys & rhet

some of my very favorite images are of a one-year-old rhys taken last june. when i look back at that post, i hear squeals & giggles as she chases bubbles up and down the grand promenade. i of course jumped at the chance to work with rhys (and her super creative mom lindsay) again. lindsay really has her hands full these days, as baby rhet joined the their family last fall. it's so wonderful working with moms like lindsay - she just lets rhys (& the photographer!) do her thing. no "sit still... say cheese... look at the ice cream if you don't smile....."etc. she wants images of rhys simply being rhys, and that is exactly what i strive to capture at each shoot. your kiddos being their quirky little selves! rhys played with princess jewels & her mom's jimmy choos, stopped to smooch baby brother occasionally, then got down & dirty with some finger paint in the back yard. rhet is so laid back, and was either napping or smiling contentedly the whole time. such dolls! thanks, lindsay - it was truly a joy.