the cowboys

i've always had a thing for cowboys (my brother nicknamed me "tex" years ago ), and i think i've passed it on to my daughter. her friend matthew celebrated his fourth birthday at lakeside equestrian center, and she was simply giddy surrounded by her cowboy buds. matthew is such
crack-up! i don't think i've ever seen him without his beloved cowboy boots, a button down & faded wranglers - love it! such a BOY. he had a blast riding & feeding horses, running through the spacious barn, climbing fences, petting goats, chasing bubbles and all kinds of cowboy fun!thanks for including us, matthew!

The mischief in his eyes and the dirt on his jeans makes me think of Aidan Miller's definition from his Not Your Average Dictionary-
"Boy, n: A noise with dirt on it".
matthew's baby cousin whit THAT'S a great cowboy name! check out his bull ridin' expression.

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