1*4*15 [my lucy]

when i look into her eyes these days, i sometimes see yesterday's toddler, and occasionally, tomorrow's teenager...

home sweet home...

first project of 2015! working on some images of my parents home in bartlesville, oklahoma, originally a farm house built around 1936. i've always loved everything about this place, as well as the priceless memories we've created on the other side of that door...

12*9*14 [habitz]

this romantic couple made time for a photo-shoot during their visit from prague, and i am so happy they did! i so enjoyed my time with them. our session began with steaming hot tea on the arlington veranda, and ended in the glow of a beautiful lake hamilton sunset. thank you, alexandra & gunnar - it was truly delightful! 


november 2014 [robinett-laduke]

our family's thanksgiving tradish - a photo-shoot with my lucy & ruthie, their cousins meg & addie, and their gammy & grandad in super cool bartlesville , oklahoma locations. this year my dad came up with the BESTEST! the la quinta foster mansion, designed in 1930 spanish style with 32 rooms, 14 bathrooms, and 7 fireplaces! it's now a part of the oklahoma wesleyan university campus. the architectural details are amazing - from turquoise wrought iron, to terracotta fountains, to mexican tile covering the enclosed courtyard.  it was fabulous! [the models weren't too shabby, either...] so thankful for the opportunity!





12*8*14 [wilson]

12*7*14 [ivy]

11*30*14 [dale]

so I was on my way to a photo-shoot in my home state of oklahoma. I was already stoked about the shoot involving old friends, their gorgeous senior boy, and a slew of adorable dogs. then the mom mentioned we might use some old family property - that happened to be sitting on a private, pristine SLICE OF ROUTE 66!!! It was the site of a rest stop and gas station back in the day with quaint stone cabins for weary travelers of the Mother Road. IT WAS SO COOL!

here is nick standing in the doorway of one the four little motel rooms on the property. each limestone structure has a cozy stone fireplace, a couple of windows, just enough room for a double bed and some luggage, and covered parking. just SO cool to explore a delicious slice of oklahoma's history with this brown-eyed boy! (a little side-note - when he was four years old, he scrawled his name & phone number on a dinner napkin, and with a little wink, asked me to put it in my purse. those dark eyes and dimples are still just as disarming as they were back then! loved this senior session!)