henderson girls

i'm sad that i didn't have the opportunity to spend mother's day with my mom this year. luckily, i did get to spend a little time with 5 wonderful, joyous women on mother's day eve. four sisters (one of them being my super fun friend dana) gathered to enjoy some precious moments with each other, and with their truly stunning mother, marguerite. they were such fun -- i think ALL five of them smiled the entire time. i can see now where dana gets her infectious glow!
at one point, they all began to walk across the bridge to the dock. i noticed the two sisters on either side of marguerite each reached down and grabbed a hand. it was a natural moment, unspoken and unplanned, and just so darn sweet. i even got a little teary for a second thinking about my own future. i hope when i'm nearing 80, i'll be somewhere on a boat dock, smiling a sparkling smile like marguerite, and my daughters will be smiling too, holding my hands. thank you, girls. what a beautiful, loving family. you really made my day!

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Kara said...

teach me your ways talented aunt shannon! these are all phenomenal!