the gulley family

as i walked around downtown with the gulleys, i felt like i was working a hollywood casting call for a prime time family sitcom. gorgeous mom - check. handsome dad - check. cute-as-a-button big brother - check. darling little sister - check. they are a beautiful and fun family! i first met the gulleys when we were in the process of moving to hot springs. i had only visited this town once when we made the final decision to move here. it wasn't until we were officially here that i realized this town has no target, and i almost wanted to turn tail and RUN. i mean, more walmart stores than you can shake a stick at, but no target. then one day i saw a billboard ad for a really cool looking furniture store called de madera, and it provided a little glimmer of hope. (now, i am by no means whatsoever suggesting that de madara and target are similar in any way. but if you know me, you are aware of my long-term love affair with target, and i was really missing a fun place to shop.) anyway, the first time i walked into de madera my head started spinning. jessica and griff gulley sat smiling at the front desk of their store, surrounded by the coolest furniture collection ... ever! i thought, "okay, i think i'm going to LIKE hot springs!" and immediately wanted everything in there. everything. my husband and i, however, didn't see eye to eye on this. luckily he did agree to purchase a few items for our new hot springs home, and they continue to be my favorite pieces. not only do the gulleys have great taste in home decor, they also (obviously) create beautiful children! little griffin's rusty hair & mischievous grin are an irresistible combo, and his love for his little sis melts me! he delivers gentle kisses to her cheek when he thinks no one is looking. how cute is that? precious ella smiles ALL the time - what a happy baby! (and no wonder, with such a sweet big brother!) she was one of the easiest children of her age i've ever worked with. (no offense, ruthie.) thank you gulley family! the shoot was so fun, in spite of the ridiculous heat. thanks for hanging in there! time you are in de madera, be sure to ask about ella's "donkey kick".

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