timeless joy

i had to share these happy spring pictures of lucy playing at the park. playground equipment has certainly evolved in the last few decades, and i love how the classics are still a crowd favorite. i mean, the superspiderwebrockwalls are cool and all, but you really can't beat a good, old-fashioned swing. i was so fortunate to have a stay-at-home mom when i was growing up, and i have such wonderful memories of our afternoons at the park in my little home town. driving to the park was always part of the fun, as i got to sit in the front seat with the windows down (rolled down). the eagles played on the 8-track and my carseat consisted of my mom's forearm in the event of an abrupt stop. these days the safety windows in the back don't go down more than half way, and lucy is strapped in her carseat six ways to sunday - but we turn up the xm radio and open the sun roof and make the best of it. and once we step into the park, time stands still for a delicious moment. i hope down the road, when she is staring 40 right in the face, she'll look back at these days and smile a dimpled smile - and feel as blessed as i do.

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