the art church

my first voyage into hot spring's art church was a couple of weeks ago. i took my daughters to a mommy-and-me-style music class directed by my super talented friend, becca. the art church is in art co-op set in a renovated old - you guessed it - church. i was mesmerized the second i entered the building under its creaky bell tower. the early (as in pre - 9:00) morning sun glowed through the stained glass onto the dark wood floors and weathered pews, and vibrant art twinkled on the walls. the children were already singing when we arrived. you'd think after living in this little town for six years, i could avoid getting lost on the way and being late - but that's a whole other story. we entered the music room to the lyrics of simon and garfunkel's Scarborough fair. multi-colored silk scarves swayed over the heads of dancing toddler bodies. it was a '70s moment, and it was beautiful. of course, i jumped at the chance to take some photos at the art church a few days later. my two girls and i met becca and her two boys, grady and peter, for a short & sweet shoot. the icing on the photographer's cake? in the yard behind the building sat a 1950's stainless steel bambi travel trailer (complete with pale turquoise interior!). grady and lucy jumped right in and took over - they were hilarious. what a fabulous morning. thanks, ohmans! the 3 laduke girls sure had fun!

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