this time of year always brings back highschool memories for me. i close my eyes, and there i am, 18 and barefoot, cruising in my bright blue jeep, the distorted 16 candles soundtrack blaring. man, i loved that tape*. my sun-in treated side pony tail whipped in the wind while my monstrous set of mall bangs stayed put, effectively shellacked. (the 80's must have done a number on the old ozone.) i got the chance to take some pictures before the lakeside prom this year, and let's just say prom fashion evolution is a good thing. evan and his date ashley were so refreshingly classy & poised. they looked like they were ready for red carpet - or better yet - a spring soiree on gatsby's sprawling lawn. my prom fell on the same weekend as the high school state tennis tournament. a deluxe oklahoma-grade farmer's tan accompanied my taffeta strapless gown. almost as important as picking out that tea-length dress (!) was planning the after-prom ensemble. it was customary back then to coordinate outfits with your date, in case the deer-in-headlights-flourescent-lighting party pix from the event weren't going to be embarrassing enough later. after much, much debate, i went with a red, navy and yellow number. red swatch watch, pleated bermuda shorts (almost as flattering as the dress), a v-neck sweater vest over a tee shirt with rolled up sleeves (if you were really feeling sassy, you could wear two tees, sleeves rolled up to reveal the bonus color underneath. shockingly enough, the same could be done with socks.) v-neck sweater vest, coordinating socks and cole-haan loafers (the backs smashed down just so). so very page 97 of the preppy handbook. i'm not making up the preppy handbook. i still own my yellowed, dog-eared copy. it's still a great read. thank you, seniors, for inspiring this totally 80's trip down memory lane.
definition for seniors: *tape (n.) - what we listened to before the invention of mp3 players & ipods

look at him! see??? wouldn't he be the perfect 2010 version of jay gatsby? and beautiful ashley would make a stunning daisy! the best part is, she's just as sweet as she is pretty. i've known evan since he was playing peewee football back in tulsa. it's so strange now to have to look up when i'm talking to him. he lives directly behind us, and whenever he's in his back yard, my daughter just stands at the edge of our deck and just watches him, grinning. her first crush at four years old. she has good taste, huh? evan is an incredible golfer, so we thought it would be appropriate to get a few shots on the 18th green before pre-prom dinner at the country club. aren't they gorgeous kids - excuse me - young adults? and no tea length or farmer's tans anywhere....thank goodness. can't wait for your senior picture shoot, evan. you are quite an easy subject. don't tell lucy, though, she'll be determined to tag along!

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