1*16*14 [ritter]

i first met this beautiful mom of three as she stood in the doorway of her classroom on kindergarten open house night.  it's safe to say we were both feeling a swirling whirlwind of emotions - it was whitney's first experience as a "for real" teacher, and i was sending my baby to kindergarten! whitney immediately eased my anxiety with her warm, bright smile and absolutely joyous, contagious enthusiasm.  and lucy, of course, loved her from the start!  lucy must have said the words, "mrs. ritter" 4,000 times during that first week of kindergarten. it was a fantastic start to a stellar year.  it would be an understatement to say i was thrilled when whitney requested a photo session that fall. i had so much fun with her (then) family of four - they biked, read books, wrestled, rolled in the fall leaves and never, ever stopped smiling! and they have another little reason to smile these days, and she has big, bright eyes and her mamma's dimples.  getting the chance to work with this family again was such an honor, and watching the four of them with their precious princess simply melted my heart. they are all so smitten! this year's session took place on the gorgeous piece of land they will soon call home. but they aren't waiting until their house is built to make some memories.  they are already laying a foundation of love and warmth and laughter - everything a happy home is made of! congratulations to the ritter five!

(and look how much they've grown! sigh...)

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