pinterest, will you be mine?

isn't valentine's day just the happiest little holiday? i vividly recall sitting on the yellow shag carpet in our family room, many many moons ago, helping my mom address valentines for my classmates. we had a box of cards adorned with bright zoo animals and hearts, and i remember how exciting it was to pick out the perfect card for each friend. of course, that was waaaay back in the dark pre-pinterest era, when moms were confined to a very small section of valentine choices at the local t.g.& y. these days, however, the endless creative projects on pinterest make it possible to steal fun ideas from creative moms (while simultaneously wasting a colossal amount of time)... this easy idea was all over pinterest this year, and since we already had a pack of valentine suckers from sam's, we decided to make them for lucy's kindergarten class. i took a picture of lucy with her arm outstretched (she loved posing for it) and printed a valentine message on it. i made two slits in each picture with a pocket knife, slid the suckers through, and secured them on the back with tape. the pictures were too flimsy to hold the heavy suckers alone, so we attached them to some cardstock scrapbook paper i had in the scrapbook cabinet. (i just so happened to have heart shaped metal brads...i may have mentioned i have a slight scrapbook-supply-hoarding issue?) we also had had a pile of red and pink paint swatch cards from lowe's, which lucy cut into hearts, and personalized with a sharpie. we punched holes (are all six year olds hole-punch addicts, or is it just mine?) then attached the hearts with pink curling ribbon, and our project was complete. this was easy and cheap, and could of course be adapted to other occasions...halloween treats, birthday party favors, etc... thank you, pinterest, for a well-spent saturday morning!

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