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Did you know that November is national adoption awareness month? If you've ever read my blog posts, you may have noticed that the wonderful world of adoption is one of my all-time favorite topics. My husband and I are often asked by hesitant couples to share our adoption story. And if just one family finds a single glimmer of hope in hearing our story, then our goal has been accomplished.

I was so honored when the director of Crisis Pregnancy Outreach, Cheryl Bauman, requested a recent picture of my Lulu and Roo for their Fall newsletter cover. As you might guess, I had a very difficult time narrowing down my choices, but I finally settled on nine images to send. Yes, nine. I could NOT narrow it down any more than that. In the end, Cheryl chose the perfect one - a shot taken on my birthday this fall, when my husband and I took our girls on a breathtakingly gorgeous hike along Lake Catherine. I will always remember that bright, happy morning.... The infectious giggles I heard as our girls scampered along the trails...The vibrant autumn leaves spiraling through the fall breeze.... And most poignantly, the feeling of absolute gratitude for two of the best gifts anyone could ever wish for...

While I was thrilled at the opportunity for my girls to grace the cover of the C.P.O. brochure, I was also blessed with the chance to share part of our adoption story, which I named "A Little Room for Hope". It begins on page first publication! Here is the link to the C.P.O. mailing:
Happy November!

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