photo display - small print collection

i sent this idea to my client list awhile ago, and i thought i'd go ahead share it here, too. it seems people are always looking for something to do with their photos once their session is over. clients generally order lots of prints, big and little, for frames, wall galleries and gifts. however, it would be impossible to frame all the photos from the image gallery. so... what to do with the images you want to have in print, but do not have room to frame?

Order a collection of 4*6's (or 5*7's) from your photo session (or an event, holiday etc...). Take time to find the perfect container in which to display them on a shelf, coffee table, end table, desk, bedside table...the list goes on. A print collection can also make a very personal, sentimental gift for members of your family that may not need yet another framed 8*10. Look around flea markets & antique shops for appropriately sized items to re-purpose: vintage cigar boxes, pewter serving pieces, unusual pottery bowls, kitchen tins, wooden carved boxes...anything that will house your priceless compilation of photos. If it's a gift, spruce up the presentation by wrapping it in cellophane (so the photos kind of peek through). tie on a handmade gift tag with a pretty ribbon if you are feeling extra fancy! Of course, you can find generic photo boxes just about anywhere these days, but I think it's much more interesting to think OUTSIDE the (photo) box! I keep an ever-growing collection of prints in a worn woven Indian basket. It sits on an immigrant's trunk from the 1700's between two arm chairs. It's been shuffled through countless times by visitors to the LaDuke home - it really makes a warm little conversation piece.

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