feeling crafty? table for two...

this kid's table and splat mat rug could be my all-time fave project. it's the standard kid's kraft set - the sturdiest little set i could find. it was light brown in the beginning. so00000 booooring. i wiped it all down with liquid sander (love the stuff). i used regular craft paint from my home away from home, hobby lobby, for the cream and brown, then used a small can of red for the rest. i painted on a couple of coats of the red and cream, then decided to crackle the chairs. i had a can of crackle in the garage. it's really easy to do - you can get it at lowe's and the instructions are on the box. i used a very fine brush to personalize the back of each chair. i copied the monogram from lucy's easter dress that year. i painted cow spots on top of the table, and feathered the edges to create that "real cow hair" effect. after everything was painted, i sanded down all the edges and rubbed a dark walnut stain over everything, making sure the sanded parts got covered. i wiped the excess stain off with a clean rag. i then sealed the table and chairs with a semi-gloss polyurethane.

for the "rug" under the table, i bought a large sheet of linoleum from lowe's. they usually have them pre-cut in a bin in the back. i used kitchen scissors to cut out a square, then used a pencil to draw a pattern on the backside. i used one of my old kilim rugs for inspiration. i painted in the lines with craft paint, then gave it several coats of polyurethane. it's a great splat mat for crafts, food and drink. i've made smaller versions for table top splat mats and larger versions for outdoor patios. they also work well under highchairs and dog bowls. they can be wiped clean with windex and paper towels. here's what you'll need if you want to take on a similar project:
  • paint (duh) - smaller projects can be completed with mere acrylic craft paint and the color choices are endless!
  • several sizes of paint brushes - small for the details and large for the sealer
  • bottle of liquid sander, clean rags & surgical gloves (this stuff is toxic!)
  • can of crackle - if you want a little added texture
  • sanding block for the edges - if you want it a bit antiqued ...it sure hides the wear and tear!
  • can of stain (i recommend water based)
  • semi - gloss polyurethane
  • large sheet of linoleum
  • a little extra time....

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