cabin fever? pep up your valentines....

i love the old fashioned conversation hearts on valentine's day! not much has changed about them since i received my first box back in mrs. squire's preschool class. there still is a little "to and from" area on the back, but i prefer to personalize these darling little boxes a bit more than a ball point pen can offer. this is such an inexpensive little project, and my five year old really had fun with it. we picked up several 4 packs of the candy boxes at hobby lobby, where the cashiers all know us by name. we picked up some thin red grosgrain ribbon, felt heart stickers and my fave vintage valentine scrapbook paper. i use it every year. i will cry if it ever gets discontinued.
we then printed out small pictures of lucy on cardstock, complete with a valentine's message (i printed mine on the photo, but it would be cute handwritten too). i cut these into tags a bit smaller than the candy boxes. lucy punched a hole in the top of each. we twisted chenille pipe cleaner at the top of each tag (i had a bunch of this in my craft cabinet - why do i love pipe cleaner so much??) we then cut the scrapbook paper into strips wide and long enough to cover the middle of each box. we wrapped them around each box, using tape to secure the paper. we slid the picture greeting tag underneath the scrapbook paper on the front of the box, with the pipe cleaner sticking out of the top.

lucy drew, colored and cut out hearts and pasted them on the back of each box.

we added a felt heart to the front, and tied a small piece of grosgrain ribbon around the middle. for a small amount of kiddos, i would hand-stamp their names on the front. for an entire classroom, however, i will leave them as is..... a little box of love for lucy's little friends!

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