carter & caroline

i've taken pictures for the zeisers for several years now. we moved to hot springs at roughly the same time, right around the corner from each other. they moved here from helena, and the first time i met carter and caroline i immediately noticed their impeccable manners. i heard "yes ma'm and yes sir" in that sweet mississippi delta drawl and it melted my heart! i remember thinking, "i LOVE southern kids!".
the first picture i took of the zeiser fam was for their christmas card a little over five years ago. we used our friend's boat dock on lake hamilton, and they brought their yellow lab who was trying urgently to get into the water and their cat who was clawing desperately to stay out of it! we got a great shot despite the odds - it's still one of my favorite christmas cards!
i'm so thankful that the zeisers are our neighbors for many reasons. one reason is of a practical nature. carter and caroline have happily (& politely) ferried many items back and forth between our houses over the past few years. you know.... the usual last-minute ingredients.....milk, eggs, garlic salt, powdered sugar....and some more urgent products, like a front door key or even spot remover. (did you ever get the cabernet off the yellow sofa, court?) the most precarious delivery to date was when carter balanced his mother's beautiful cake plate and glass dome on his scooter to my doorstep, smiling all the way. whew!
thank you for a fun morning, carter and caroline! you were both so sweet and cooperative that you made my job EASY!

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